Roseville City Council 10-8-18

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1 00:00:00

Roll Call

2. 00:00:32

Pledge of Allegiance

3 00:01:00

Approve Agenda

4 00:03:00

Public Comment

6 00:19:00

Items Removed from Consent Agenda

7A. 00:43:00

Business Items Ramsey County Commissioner, Mary Jo McGuire

7B. 01:19:00

Approve Pathway Master Plan

7C. 01:56:00

Consider a Minor Plat for United Properties for the consolidation of five lots into one lot

7D. 02:00:00

Request for approval of a final plat to subdivide a residential property into three lots and incorporate the two un-addressed parcels to the north of the subject property as additional lots in the plat at 2237 Cleveland Ave. (PF18-011)

7E. 02:08:00

Discussion on the License Center Renovation Project

7F. 02:28:00

Discuss Creation of Special Event Permit and Policy

8. 02:47:00

Approve Minutes Approve City Council Minutes - September 17, 2018 Approve City Council Minutes - September 24, 2018 Approve EDA Minutes - September 24, 2018

9. 02:48:00

Approve Consent Agenda

10. 02:54:00

Council and City Manager Communications, Reports and Announcements

12. 02:55:00


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